How to Update to PHP 7.0 in cPanel

Looking for faster & optimal site performance for your WordPress environment? It could be as simple as updating your cPanel environment. By default when you have a new cPanel account it is set to PHP 5.5 but we give you the ability to control what version you want executed within your account.

Why Update to PHP 7.0?

Simply put, PHP 7.0 is blazing fast and more secure! This will allow for a quicker response when your site loads and reduce strain on your server by consuming less to perform the same functions. On newer versions of WordPress, PHP 7.0 has outperformed PHP 5.5 by up to 40%!! Read more

How to FTP into your sites using FileZilla

Using FileZilla to FTP into your sites is one of the most utilized ways to update your sites quickly and efficiently without all the “distractions”. If your curious, FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”.

You can download FileZilla at the following link:

Most of our clients are using FTP for their WordPress website but our hosting covers all types of CRM's, static sites, and etc that will benefit from this access.

Install FileZilla

Once you have unzipped the download folder and executed the installer, open FileZilla and you will be shown the screen like this below: Read more

benefits of cloud hosting

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

If your business is rapidly expanding and requiring ever more storage space for incoming data, it's time for you to upgrade to a cloud hosting system. The reliability and durability that cloud hosting offers is second to none, and the speed and stability at which this system operates is simply amazing. More and more businesses are relying on cloud technology to handle their data storage needs. If you have yet to upgrade to cloud technology, you should realize that your competitors have already done so and are very likely experiencing unprecedented levels of efficiency and growth as a direct result.

Cloud Hosting Is Taking The Business World By Storm

Fully-managed cloud hosting services, as offered by Q4 Cloud Hosting, are taking the world by storm, and it's not hard to see why. With limitless storage capacity available at a price that won't break your budget, it's easy to see why more and more businesses are moving much of their information storage straight to the cloud. Q4 Cloud Hosting is right there with you at the forefront of the modern information revolution, offering you safe & secure storage for your precious data that will amaze you with its efficiency and affordability.  Read more